Story of Nokia’s change out in Japanese

The Japanese translation of “Transforming Nokia: The power of paranoid optimism to lead through colossal change” written by Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa was published on July 4, 2019 from Hayakawa Publishing, to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Finland and Japan. The original book in English came out in 2018, receiving a lot of attention in Finland.

Nokia continues to be a household name that describes Finland, and many Finns still have a special attachment to and pride for the company. After all, Nokia was the world’s largest mobile handset maker and accounted for about 4% of Finland’s GDP in 2000.

Siilasmaa, founder of F-Secure, joined Nokia’s board in 2008 and was elected as Chairman in 2012. The book describes in detail the decline of the Nokian empire, how it failed to adapt to the rise of smartphones, the distressful but courageous decision to sell the handset business to Microsoft, and the company’s revival as a mobile network maker. The book is not just a company biography, but can be a bible for all managers and workers which describes Siilasmaa’s business philosophy and the main values that he implemented to bring Nokia back on track, and to be a key player in 5G.

Siilasmaa made a short visit to Japan at the end of June to promote the book launch in Japanese, tirelessly giving media interviews with some of them being held at the Embassy of Finland in Tokyo.

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