Friendship Envoys of the Anniversary to be Announced in December

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Finland in 2019, the Embassy of Finland in Tokyo has asked six prominent Japanese personalities to become Friendship Envoys of the anniversary year.

The names and faces of the Envoys will be revealed to the public in the diplomatic anniversary’s media kick-off event on December 12th at the Embassy of Finland in Tokyo.

The six Friendship Envoys – each known to the Japanese public and having their personal or professional history somehow connected with Finland – manifest various ways in which the cooperation between Japan and Finland can bear fruit. The three women and three men in question come from various walks of life, representing different age groups, but all have a special place in their heart for the Finnish-Japanese relations.

Please stay tuned and check this website to learn more and to meet the Friendship Envoys through video interviews right after the launch event in December!