Power of Ceramics: Modernism in Finnish Applied Arts

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Finnish art and handicraft won great acclaim in the 1900 Paris World Exposition, gathering worldwide attention. The Arts and Crafts movement, which reached Finland by the end of 19th century, motivated the country. It can be said that this was the beginning of Finnish ceramics. Also, the success at the World Exposition encouraged the Finnish people in the pursuit of independence from Russia, becoming a catalyst for nation-building.

In the latter half of the 1930s, Finnish ceramics gained momentum. The educational opportunity offered by the Central School of Arts and Craft and experiments at Arabia’s Art Department were major influential factors. In the Art Department, artists were free to pursue artistic creation. This “utopian” environment became a cradle of various masterpieces.Finland promoted art and culture as a nation. As a consequence, Finnish ceramics became so distinct that they became a key to global trends in the mid-20th century. The flourishing expression, going beyond stereotypes, captured the hearts of many people. Especially in Japan, designers and ceramic artists saw it as a goal to learn from.

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2018-11-17    1PM

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2019-02-24    5PM

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Museum of Modem Ceramic Art, Gifu 4-2-5, Higashi-machi, Tajimi-city, Gifu

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