Child care and family support at neuvola

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The Let’s Talk About Children (LT) was developed by Dr. Solantasu who is a psychiatrist in the Effective Child & Family Programme, which was launched in Finland in 2001 and was supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The LT intervention is recommended by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs to be implemented in health and social services across all Finland because the Scientific Panel of Kasvun tuki has accepted the LT intervention as an evidence based program. The LT was developed for parents with mental illness and their child/family at first, however, it has been implemented extensively in some areas in Finland, including, in kindergartens, neuvola and school health, settings in addition to as well as in health and social services. This time, we had an opportunity to learn about the LT in neuvola from Dr. Minna Eväsoja, who is a public health nurse, a specialist for the Families with Children, and an LT trainer, who has been doing the LT in neuvola this setting. Her lecture must be very valuable. In this workshop, the participants can not only discuss about Japanese child and family support, but also acquire some clues of adaptation of the LT for their workplaces.

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2019-03-16    13:00

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2019-03-16    16:00

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Tokyo Medical University School of Nursing






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