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The highlight of the year in the Nordic countries, midsummer, will be celebrated this year in Metsä Village with its concept focusing on the Åland islands.
Åland is a group of islands positioned in between Finland and Sweden. It is officially a part of Finland, but with full autonomy and Swedish as its only official language it is a unique place that has managed to fusion cultural features from both countries with its own.
To celebrate the centennial of Finland and Japan’s diplomatic relations, the Åland style midsummer will be conjoined with Japanese Tanabata festival to create Metsä Village’s own original midsummer event.

The event will combine the iconic midsummerpoles (majstång) with the Tanabata tradition of writing wishes on a strip of paper that can be attached to the poles. In addition, midsummer beer garden, midsummer themed food menus, flower crown workshops and traditional dance performances are held during the event.

  • Midsummerpoles and Tanabata wish cards @ Nordic Square (free on a first-come-first-serve basis)
    In the Nordic, people usually dance around the midsummerpole adorned with leaves and flowers, but in Metsä Village the Åland-style midsummerpole with its colourful paper decorations is combined with the Japanese Tanabata. Paper wish cards will be prepared for the participating guests to write their wishes on.
  • Forest, lake and BBQ @ Utepils 6/22 – 9/1
    During the summer season only will feature a folk costume stand-in photo board and a long, midsummer dinner table!
    The event offers a relaxed outdoors atmosphere with delicious craft beer and BBQ.
  • Midsummer dances (free) on 6/22 (sat), 6/30 (sat), 7/7 (sun) at 14:00 & 17:00
    Duration: ~40min (can be prolonged if people enjoy it!) @ Nordic Square
    A must for midsummer festivities! Come and try folk dance! Live music played with traditional instruments and the collective dance at the end guarantee a lively experience! Suitable even for beginners!
    Shows: 6/22 (sat), 6/30 (sat) Musikanterna, performance by Swedish folk dance and music group using the traditional instrument nyckelharpa
    7/7 (sun) Usva (Finnish music & dance group)
  • Flower crown workshops 6/22 (sat), 6/30 (sat), 7/7 (sun) @ Nordic Square
    Starting on the first day of the event, the flower crown workshops that were immensely popular in summer festivals everywhere last year will be held three times during the event!
    To get the most out of midsummer, make yourself a unique flower crown and head out to the dance party, BBQ beer garden or even Moominvalley Park!
    Time 9:30-16:30
    Duration ~30min
    Mixed paper flowers ¥2000
    Mixed preserved flowers¥3,000

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Metsä Village

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