Diplomatic anniversary celebrations to culminate on 24th May

The diplomatic relations between Japan and Finland will turn 100 years on Friday 24th May. It was on that date exactly 100 years ago that Finnish Foreign Minister Holsti conveyed to Japanese Ambassador Matsui in Paris that Finland would dispatch Professor Ramstedt as her official envoy to Japan. That historical exchange marks the establishment of official relations between Japan and Finland.

Japan was one the first major powers to recognize the independence of Finland less than 18 months after it was declared on 6th December 1917.

To honor the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the diplomatic relations and to take part in the related festivities Permanent State Secretary Matti Anttonen from the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs will travel to Japan for 22nd-24th May.

During his visit Mr Anttonen will participate in a symposium about the history of Japan-Finland relations, open a Finnish-Japanese conference on future energy solutions and represent Finland in the festive reception of the diplomatic anniversary to be held at the Embassy of Finland on 24th May.

While in Japan, Permanent State Secretary Anttonen will also lead a Finnish business delegation comprising of companies and actors from the energy sector, representing solutions in bioenergy, waste-to-energy and smart energy fields.

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